Monday, November 12, 2012

Backflow Direct Chief Acquisitions Officer

Backflow Direct Chief Acquisitions Officer
Doug Powell

Scott Powell is a founder and the Investor Relations Officer (IRO) of BACKFLOW DIRECT, responsible for capital funding, corporate structure and new business development. Scott will focus on the strategic acquisition of waterworks product manufacturers compatible with the direct to customer sales model.

In 2001, as the founder and CEO of SACjet (a general aviation company owned by the Powell Family), Scott acquired the Sacramento Executive Jet Center a general aviation fuel and flight support company located at the Sacramento Executive Airport (SAC).

In 2005, Scott acquired the rights to general aviation fuel and flight support at the Sacramento International Airport (SMF), requiring SACjet to construct a 55,000 square foot private aviation terminal and hanger. SACjet began operations in this second local as The Sacramento Capital Jet Center in 2006.

In 2013, Scott acquired the rights to general aviation fuel and flight support at Mather Airport by committing to more than $7 million in airport capital improvements including a new private aviation terminal, hangar space, and executive offices. SACjet began operations in this third local as The Sacramento Mather Jet Center in April of 2014.

SACjet is now the exclusive supplier of fuel and flight support in the greater Sacramento area to the NBA, UPS, FAA, Intel and hundreds of international and domestic flight departments.

Scott has been active member of the board of directors of the other Powell family investments including Ames Company, Hunter Technologies Inc., and Backflow Direct.

Backflow Direct Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer
Doug Powell
Kent Powell is a founder and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of BACKFLOW DIRECT, responsible for all financial operations. Kent became the President of Ames Company, Inc. in 1978 and in 1983 Ames introduced its first backflow valve. The new valve featured fabricated epoxy coated steel that was then a technological breakthrough allowing for a dramatic reduction in manufacturing cost and weight. Under his leadership in 1985 Ames introduced the “Silver Bullet”. This products' technological breakthroughs included a fabricated stainless steel valve housing, single access port and low flow loss check modules. The Silver Bullet was much shorter and lighter while producing a substantially improved friction loss curve over available products in the industry. By 1990, the Silver Bullet became the large diameter, 2½” to 10”, backflow industry leader.His commitment to innovation in the backflow industry continues today with BACKFLOW DIRECT. Kent is excited to once again work with his sons to revolutionize the backflow market. The “Deringer” is the next breakthrough in backflow providing contractors and end users with the most economical and best performing product.

Backflow Direct Chief Executive Officer

Backflow Direct Chief Executive Officer
Doug Powell

Doug Powell is the founder, majority shareholder and CEO of BACKFLOW DIRECT responsible for product design and company development. He designed his first backflow preventer, the Ames Silver Bullet, in 1989 and continues in this latest endeavor to advance the design features and performance of backflow prevention products.

Doug has a history of business success as an owner of Ames Company (acquired by Watts Industries in 1996), as the founder of Hunter Innovations, developer of the Colt and Maxim backflow product lines (acquired by Watts Industries in 2002) and as an owner of MetalCloak a successful manufacturer and direct marketer of aftermarket off-road vehicle products.

Doug has reunited an amazing team of individuals specifically skilled in the design, production and marketing of backflow prevention products. This team is poised to quickly take BACKFLOW DIRECT from a startup to the industry leader.

Track Record

  • 25 years of experience in backflow design & manufacture
  • Owner of two highly successful Backflow Manufacturers
  • Six issued US Patents in Backflow Prevention
  • Three US Patents Pending in Backflow Prevention
  • More than 1000 Product Approvals (UL, FM, ASSE, CSA, NSF, USC) in Backflow Prevention
Designer/Inventor of the following Backflow Product Lines
  • Ames 2 ½”-12” SILVER BULLET 2000SS-4000SS
  • Ames 2 ½”-10” COLT 200-500 (H,V,N & Z)
  • Ames 2 ½”-10” MAXIM 200-500 (H,V,N & Z)
  • Watts 2 ½”-12” 774 & 774DCDA
  • Watts 2 ½”-12” 994 & 994RPDA
  • Watts 2 ½”-10” 757-757DCDA (H,V,N & Z)
  • Watts 2 ½”-10” 957-957RPDA (H,N & Z)
And now...
  • Backflow Direct 2 ½”-8” DERINGER 20-50 (H & V)