Friday, May 30, 2014

True Seal Check Modules

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Doug Powell

The first check valve in the Deringer 40/50 (RP & RPDA) products can be reconfigured to operate exactly like a traditional poppet. It was designed this way because the first check valve in an RP or RPDA backflow prevention valve provides the best flow performance when it operates like a traditional poppet style check valve. So not only are our check modules Dual-Action they are Dual Purpose.

The True Seal Check Valve was designed to incorporate a poppet only motion during the check stroke and is used exclusively on the first check assembly on the Deringer RP and RPDA models. This design allows a more consistent pressure loss across the check valve which helps maintain a steady and continual closure of the Relief Valve.

  • Light weight engineered polymer components
  • Modular for easy removal of complete check from body
  • Easily disconnect spring tension for safe check servicing
  • Replaceable Silicone Rubber Elastomer Disk
  • Excellent resistance to fouling.
Doug Powell

This gif demonstrates the actuation of the first check valve in the Deringer 40/50 (RP & RPDA). Same components as the Dual-Action checks reconfigured to provide the best performance for an RP or RPDA.


  • 100% of check stroke is that of a poppet check
  • Consistent static sealing
  • Excellent resistant to fouling
  • Reliable check closure
  • Stable flow characteristics at ALL flow rates


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tamper Resistant Test Cocks

A new website graphic for the tamper resistant test cocks (ball valves) located on all Deringer products. The top of the valve actuation stem has a unique shape that uses an independent custom wrench to open/close the test cocks.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

SS705 Butterfly Valve Product Line

The great thing about designing a backflow prevention device with "built in" stainless steel shut off valves is after the UL/FM approval process we end up with an additional product line for FREE.

Introducing the Backflow Direct SS705 Line of Fire Protection Stainless Steel Shut-off Valves with pre-wired tamper switches.

We believe the SS705 will be the first STAINLESS STEEL fire protection shut-off valve priced to compete directly with old antiquated CAST IRON butterfly valves. The SS705 should be available for direct purchase by fire sprinkler contractors by end of the year.

Sizes pictured left to right: 2 1/2" - 3" - 4" - 6" - 8"